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Footprints® Plants Edibles are fun to grow and give you exciting ways to incorporate flair and creativity to the inherent wholesome, goodness that Edibles bring to the home. Outdoors, you have beauty and function in landscapes, beds, and containers. Indoors, you have a menu of possibilities for decorating and meal planning.

Best Way to Grow Herbs, Fresh From Your Own Garden

Growing your own herbs and other tasty edibles is exciting and very rewarding with these tips and suggestions.

Best Way to Create Attractive Container Combinations Using Herbs & Edible Plants

With a little planning and some know-how, these plantings can be very decorative, and look really pretty . . . as well as tasting superb.

How to plant the eco-friendly plants from Footprints Plants

Check out this innovative idea and shows how easy it is to plant this beautiful range of sustainably grown garden plants directly into the earth pot and all..

e-pots - A new, easy, environmentally-friendly way to plant your garden

Look at the advantages of this exciting new range of earth-friendly garden plants and compares how they look a year after planting - both above ground and under it! Watch David Wilson dig one up to examine the root system. What will he find?

The Secret of Great Gardens - Fall Is For Planting

Note: While David Wilson explains here how he likes planting during the autumn, the techniques for planting in spring or summer are exactly the same.