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Footprints® Plants Edibles are fun to grow and give you exciting ways to incorporate flair and creativity to the inherent wholesome, goodness that Edibles bring to the home. Outdoors, you have beauty and function in landscapes, beds, and containers. Indoors, you have a menu of possibilities for decorating and meal planning.

How to Grow Herbs, Fresh From your own Garden

Growing your own herbs and other tasty edibles is exciting and very rewarding. Learn as David Wilson (and his busy springer spaniel) provide lots of tips and suggestions on how you can enjoy growing them in the latest earth-friendly way.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Small Spaces

Learn how you can grow lots of delicious cherry tomatoes in small spaces. Even if all you have is a patio or deck you can still pick and enjoy lots of healthy, great tasting, home grown herbs and edibles fresh for your kitchen table.

How To Grow Mint & Stop It From Spreading

Mint is a terrific herb that is easy to grow, but it can spread through beds and borders and smother other plants. Here's a neat way to enjoy growing lots of sumptuous mint without it spreading all over the garden.

Fun Gardening Projects for Children

David Wilson shares some great ideas that will help you make gardening fun and interesting for the little ones in your life.

Best Way To Grow Herbs On Patios, Decks and Other Outdoor Areas

Wondering how you can grow herbs and other plants that are good to eat and really pretty to look at? Lots of tips and suggestions that will help you live and eat better, and make your patio, deck and other outdoor areas the envy of friends and your neighborhood.

Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs Indoors in Pots

If you don't have a garden, patio, deck or balcony, but would still like to grow your own (sustainably grown) fresh herbs indoors - here's how to do it.