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Footprints® Plants Edibles natural goodness doesn’t stop at the garden. At the table you'll experience a world of delicious, fresh, tastes and treats with renowned cook and author, Jonathan Bardzik. Jonathan shares his love and passion for cooking with creative and exciting recipes, tips, and ideas using Footprints Edibles. He’ll be your personal guide to culinary delights with his style of cooking that emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients and unique recipes.

Beets With Dill and Capers

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Blueberry and Portabella Tacos

The heartiness of portabella mushrooms and the fresh earthiness of cilantro pair surprisingly well with summers sweet blueberries. Give this crowd-pleaser recipe a try and it will quickly become a new summer staple! Enjoy The Recipe

Caponata Quinoa Salad

This dish captures those flavors in a one-dish vegetarian homage to the end of summer. Enjoy The Recipe

Corn and Bacon Salsa

This bacon and corn salsa – sweet, salty, spicy and fresh – goes great with burgers or steaks. But go ahead and buy some chips, you'll be snacking on this long before the main course reaches the grill! Enjoy The Recipe

Ginger Mint Stone Fruit Salad

A quick ginger mint simple syrup, earthy honey and a mild splash of white balsamic vinegar for brightness turn sweet summer stone fruit into something truly special. Enjoy The Recipe

Italian Sweet and Sour Cherry Tomato Sauce

Serve over crusty bread, steak, grilled tuna, zucchini, grilled eggplant, chicken breast…you get the idea. This is delicious! Enjoy The Recipe

Minestrone Pasta

A late summer harvest in a plateful of pasta with lots of grated Parmesan cheese. Vinegar and fresh basil keep end-of-season produce tasting fresh and bright. One taste and you’ll be making this a lot earlier next year. Enjoy The Recipe

Peach Blueberry Salsa

Though sweetened by peaches and blueberries, the acidity in the fruit, tomatoes and vinegar keep this salsa savory enough to serve over a grilled chicken breast or pork chop, or simply with a big bowl of chips. Enjoy The Recipe

Pumpkin Salad

Take this summer cookout classic to festive fall picnics by switching out potatoes for chunks of fresh pumpkin. Enjoy The Recipe

Savory Sage Applesauce

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Spicy Soy Grilled Shrimp

This classic Italian flavor combination of lemon, parsley and garlic adds an easy bit of flare to great summer greens. Enjoy The Recipe

Stir Fried Thai Eggplant

Using fresh ingredients to make it from scratch means less salt, no corn syrup and lots of bold, bright flavor. We love it with the sweet, tender, thin-skinned, Fairy Tale Eggplant. Enjoy The Recipe

Sweet Corn Tomato Gazpacho

A celebration of the freshest summer vegetables you can lay your hands on! Honey brings out the sweet flavor of raw corn, while cumin and coriander give it depth. Enjoy The Recipe

Watermelon Martini

Sweet and light with the exotic spice of Thai basil and fresh juniper berry note of smooth gin, this cocktail is an easy drink. Maybe too easy! If you want to lighten it up, add a splash of club soda. Enjoy The Recipe