our philosophy

Welcome to Footprints® – a world of beauty without the guilt and hassle of plastic.

These plants, grown in an eco-friendly manner, take our commitment to sustainability one step further: from growing in composts made from renewable fibers and recycling our irrigation water, to this grand finish of colorful plants with biodegradable packaging.

Footprints® are potted in rice-bamboo fibered containers and labeled with biodegradable tags printed with soy based inks. For your container gardening interests, we offer our Nova line of biodegradable containers. These durable, classically styled planters are portable - allowing you to arrange your outdoor “decorations” in an endless array of beautiful and functional patterns. For your in-ground, landscaping adventures, we offer our new e-pot™ line. This innovative concept features slotted biodegradable pots – allowing you to plant pot 'n all for easy, effective, earth-friendly gardening.

Thanks for caring about our environment, and thanks for joining us in “Stepping towards a greener tomorrow.”