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From the very beginning of our family business, we have been mindful of the important role that plants play in keeping our environment healthy and beautiful. We have also realized the importance of how they are grown. That is why we continually add to our list of sustainable growing practices. Here are some examples:

  • • Certified by Veriflora®, the highest U.S. standard for sustainability.
  • • Our potting mix consists of natural and renewable pine bark fibers that come to us as a local by-product of the paper industry.
  • • Our greenhouse's retractable roof panels allow for natural ventilation, rather than relying on energy dependent fans.
  • • Our watering system utilizes recycled irrigation water, allowing us to prevent runoff and reduce the drawdown of our aquifer.
  • • Like you, we do our part with recycling plastic, cardboard, metal, and paper waste from our production and office activities.